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As of: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Please note that we have numerous town websites in many states. Below are testimonials from many of those towns!

Testimonials from customers using our sites.

Via email:
"We have been browsing through salmonidaho.com for months getting ready for our summer trip, and love your site. It was so exciting driving into town today and seeing all the real buildings that we've been seeing as cartoons on the site. We love it!"
John & Vera, Grand Junction, Colorado

In person:
"We decided to move to Salmon because of salmonidaho.com. It gave such a great representation of town life, and we were able to find everything we needed, including our realtor to buy our house!"
Kip & Sandy, New residents of Salmon, Idaho

via email:
"Thanks for the great site about Hamilton, Montana. We were coming into town for the fair and found the best Bed and Breakfast. You should list more restaurants."
Dave, Santa Cruz, New Mexico

On the phone:
"Yes, I found you online. I've everything I need on IdahoFallsIdaho.net except a handyman. Do you know a good one?"
Katherine, Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Testimonials from business owners advertising on our sites.

Hi. Thanks so much for the splash page for our RV park. Guess what? I already had a camper come in tonight that saw us on the splash page! Really cool. eh? Your site works fast girl.

Janet, Dillon Montana

(About the drawing of their building) I LOVE it, Connie! Thanks for your work.

Linda, Silver City, New Mexico

Drawing is perfect. Thanks. I passed your web site to other members of our B&B Association.

Joe, Northampton, Massachusetts

You did SUCH a nice job creating the image of the house. We saw it last night and just oohed and awed over it! How great! We already have 44 hits, and a lady called from Meridian! We are jazzin'

We were sceptical at first, until we saw our clients websites rising in search engines. Now we are sold! We won't do a website unless the client agrees to be listed in your directory sites. Otherwise their site will never be seen!

Kenny & Elizabeth, Twilight Graphics

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