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Would you like to run a community website for
"Your Town" - "Your State" ?

Use our software, and run your own business!

We are looking for positive, high-spirited people, who like to joke, shake hands, create an enthusiastic work environment, and help others succeed.

Townstate Corporation 
Websites for people and community

Welcome to Townstate! We are committed to making our slice of the Internet people-friendly and prosperous.

Our goal is to have a local person running each of our community websites. We are looking for people who like to learn, who love their town and who want to make a difference to the people around them. 

Smile while you talk.
Always look for people smarter than you.
Find ways to bring people together.
Think out of the box.
Love your town!

Townstate gives you the opportunity to run a thriving Internet business in your town with minor computer skills. You don’t need to be a web designer or programmer. You only need to know how to listen to your customers, and explain to them how the web works. We’ll provide you with the software, training and support to turn your website into a thriving online community that brings local organizations and businesses together. We provide the bookkeeping, the website, the artists and backup staff to help you succeed. 

Your business will work because our websites work for your customers. Our proven concept drives your customer's sites to the top of search engines and brings them lots of targeted traffic. This product is easy to sell.

On this Page you will find:
· Outline of our program.
· Explanation of investment requirements.
· Outline of income possibilities.
· An application for licensing your local territory.

Townstate Corporation does not guarantee any income from your investment. All income from pursuing a territory license contract with Townstate Corporation will come from your own enthusiastic, friendly and innovative efforts. An investment is required.

Townstate Websites


Our idea started in the fall of 1999 with a local website for the town of Salmon, Idaho and a website called salmonidaho.com. The idea was as simple as this, “Wouldn’t it be cute if there was a website for our town that had little houses that look just like downtown? Click on a house and you go to that business’s website.” And that’s exactly what we did. Since that day, the idea has grown, and we have succeeded in making that website a vehicle of prosperity for our town. We are now expanding the same opportunity across the country.

We have found the following to be true:

  • Our emotionally friendly websites work! People, organizations and businesses in town love them. Our colorful streets are very popular with Internet browsers. Our calendars are useful, and people love to see what’s happing in town by going online.
  • We can run our town, but we can't run your town! Successful town websites require a local operator in each town. So...we have created a vehicle for you to run a website in your town!

Our ultimate success depends on having the best software possible. We upgrade constantly! You will benefit from our ongoing development, and will be a part of the creation process. We are always interested in new ideas and suggestions.

We are still a new company, and this is the best time to join! Start as an iMayor (Internet Mayor) now and you receive the following:

  • Low buy-in rates.
  • Opportunity for expansion with the company to include possibilities of Regional Management, recruitment compensation, and corporate positions.
  • Opportunity to reap benefits from bringing on other Territory Managers.
  • The excitement of growing with us!

iMayors invest by signing a contract with the Townstate Corporation to license a specific territory. This license is exclusive, renewable and sellable following certain guidelines.

Note again: No return of investment is guaranteed. If you buy into our opportunity, and then do not do the work to run your online community, you will not make any money. This opportunity is for entrepreneurs with vision and energy!

You'll be able to make money instantly by:

  • Signing up customers in your town.
  • Bringing on other Territory Managers
We are looking for you if you understand the following!
  • Great Internet companies need great software, superb customer support, good communication systems, and a forward thinking management team that is dedicated to the prosperity of everyone involved.
  • Partnerships are the way to wealth.
  • In business, and on the Internet, leverage is the key. We do better in all ways by pooling our resources with other entrepreneurs across the country.
  • We might as well have some fun while we are doing it!

If we’ve caught your ear … please read on.

So, What Will it Look Like?

First of all, go to our List of Towns, look through the towns, and select salmonidaho.com. This will give you the general idea of a small town using the Townstate System. Drive through the "Streets" and you'll immediately see how we work.

Now that you are excited, here are our proven steps to running your own town:

  • Give us a call, negotiate a deal, and sign up to be the iMayor of your town.
  • Start networking, meet business owners, hand out colorful brochures about your community website, and talk up the opportunity.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Most of our iMayors trade their Chambers for a spot on the front page of their town.
  • Mail postcards to to businesses to let them know about your new business. Target Real Estate agents, Bed & Breakfasts, motels, restaurants, local artists, recreation businesses, service businesses and retail shops.
  • Make appointments to meet local web designers and explain how your business can help them by giving their customers good search engine placements. Many of your best customers don't have websites and you will be sending lots of business to your local web designers.
  • Spend some time each day adding free links to your business pages.
  • Keep your community calendar full of local events.
  • Take every opportunity to deepen relationships with local business owners.
  • As you gain in confidence you will learn how to ask for each sale and make quick closings.
  • Send your orders off to the Townstate Corporation staff. The home office will draw your houses for you, and take care of your billing.

A day in the life of a Territory Manager is fun! You will get to know the business people in town, attend functions, talk with people on the phone, make sales directly from your computer, and join wholeheartedly in your hometown community life.

Explanation of Investment Requirements

We want you to have a clear understanding of the possibilities and pitfalls of this opportunity. This may sound like we are trying to talk you out of joining with us – and if that’s what it sounds like to you, then you had better heed that inner voice! If, on the other hand, you are thinking, “Yes, these people are really dedicated to my success!” then we are looking at a good match. 

Running a community website could mean an exciting change of pace for you. In a larger community it may become a full-time pursuit, in a smaller community it might be a part-time additional income that helps you promote your other business, gain a standing in your community, and provide the security of multiple streams of income. Over the years you will be building a residual income base.

Secure? Yes. We find that it is a lot of work getting a town website up and running, but once it is populated and thriving we have a very low attrition rate from our advertisers. 

Is it a sure thing? Not necessarily! You are going to have to beat a lot of pavement to make it happen.

Read on if you think this sounds challenging and fun.


  • You must live in the town and territory for which you are applying.
  • Have a credit rating 7 or above, and clean background check.
  • You must have enough operating capital, over and above that required for your initial license fee, to pay for initial advertising, and to pay for the time required for startup. This is a long-term business opportunity.
  • You must be a respected member of your community. We require personal and professional references.
  • You must have enough time available during business hours to contact customers, and provide the necessary follow-through in closing and fulfilling a sale. You will not be successful if you only have available time in the evening.
  • You must enjoy people more than you love computers! If you want to hang out all day in front of the computer screen, then perhaps you should send a resume to our development department for a programming job!

  • Products You’ll Have To Sell

    Your revenue will come from the following sources:

    I) Colorful “house” links:

    Our premier product, which defines the look of our websites, is a colorful house icon linking to a customer’s website. These houses, which are a cartoon representation of the customer’s place of business, can be found on the various “Streets” in our online towns. 

    II) Splash Pages:

    Most small businesses do not have websites, and don't need them. You can sell these businesses as attractive splash page to advertise their business.

    III) More to Come:

    Townstate Corporation is always working on creating more income streams for our iMayors. Soon you'll be able to sell local email addresses, classified ads, banner, regional and national advertising.


    The difference between us and everyone else is you!

    It's the local connection that counts!

    Estimated Initial Investment:

    So, how do we get started?

    1. Determine that your Territory is available by contacting us at the main office.
    2. Negotiate with us to determine the value of your chosen territory.
    3. Territories rent from $89 to $145 per month, depending on size.
    4. Purchase plans are also available
    5. Income possibilities range from 5k a year, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on size and economy of town.
    6. We’ll help you put together an operations plan that will include initial advertisements and timeline for success.
    7. We’ll talk over the phone, and meet personally to make sure it's a good fit.
    8. Once we are in agreement, we sign the final contract and get started making sales in your town!
    9. We'll help you get started right away in selling online storefronts to your community, populating your community calendar, and getting the word out to local business.

    Cost for establishing your territory will depend on the size of your town, 
    and local economy. We want you to be successful.

    Remember: Your results will vary depending on area, and the time, effort and advertising capital you put into your business. Townstate Corporation is not responsible for the actual income in your territory-- but we WILL help you every step of the way.

    Click here for an application.
    Note: This is a large .pdf file and may take some time to load.

Call us: We would love to hear from you and chat more about our opportunity


Email: info@townstate.com

Connie Delaney & Wayne Talmadge

"Real People on the Net"


List of some currently available towns

Shelton Washington North Glenn Colorado
Double Domains available for North Glenn
Aurora Colorado


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